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Infographic: Net Neutrality and the Open Internet

The concept of net neutrality has been a widely-debated one in tech circles. For some, it is a right and just practice which allows for a fair Internet amongst all users; for others, it is a nuisance whereby all web users are considered equal, irrespective of how often or rarely they go online. As a result, the stance adopted by an interested party generally owes to the role of their stakeholder involvement.

Net Neutrality and the Open Internet

There has been talk of net neutrality legislation being overturned in the coming months and years, which would likely curtail people’s enjoyment of high-bandwidth websites such as Netflix, for which users would probably have to pay a fee or endure slower operation. Market research shows that were Netflix, Spotify et al to be blocked, slowed down or become fee-paying sites, Internet users would be demonstrative in venting their fury at service providers. This is despite very few of those web users understanding the full implications of net neutrality.

Irish Telecom attempts to simplify the net neutrality debate with this infographic, detailing its core principles, its key stakeholders and its main arguments for and against.



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