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Infographic: Is Virtual Reality the Next Big Thing in Social Media?

Virtual reality is on the rise. There are currently 43 million virtual reality VR users worldwide and by 2018 there are expected to be 171 million VR users. Facebook have recognised the potential of VR and as outlined in this infographic from One Productions the potential of virtual reality in the social media realm is fascinating.

Is Virtual Reality the Next Big Thing in Social Media?

Much of the discussion about VR until now has revolved around gaming and it was heavily focused on entertainment. While gaming will still be heavily influenced by VR, we will likely see it being used in more sedate environments. The Facebook demonstration of VR in October 2016 showed people interacting in real time.

There is still progress to be made in this area for sure. One potential issue is with how realistic the images are and there are some issues in this area. Cartoony images of people can be a bit unsettling so it will be vital that the technology continues to improve. Find out more in the infographic below:


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