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Bolt Drones aims to be the Most Accessible FPV Drone on the Market

Bolt Drones, a UAV start-up based out of Los Angeles is aiming to develop more accessible FPV Drones.  Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles are currently all the rage right now. And naturally new services and industries have sprung up around the technology.  One such area is the growing drone racing sector, with enthusiasts and professionals pursuing the sport in earnest. The sports’ entry price-point is still quite high however, and this is what Bolt Drones is looking to address.

Bolt Drones FPV Drone

However, Drone Racing pilots usually use first-person view goggles during contests. This is part of a kit that can cost thousand of dollars to assemble. That is the problem Bolt Drones is looking to address, and the drone start-up has taken to crowd-funding site Kickstarter to make its vision a reality.

Bolt Drones – Affordable FPV Drones

Bolt Drones FPV view

In its Bio, Bolt Drones explains that the company was created to meet the need for ready-to-fly, first-person view drones. A typical drone racing kit can total in the hundreds or thousand of dollars and thus make entry prohibitive. Having failed to find the out of the box solution for FPV drones common with consumer drones.

As a result, the start-ups founders decided to do something about the issue and thus Bolt Drones was born. The company aims to make the exciting world of FPV drone racing less costly and therefore more accessible to anyone interested in the sport.

Bolt Drones believes that first person view and virtual reality piloting are the future of drone technology and its natural progression. The team behind the potentially more affordable racing drone consists of engineers, drone enthusiasts, product designers, and military veterans.

Whether its for racing purposes or for recreational use, Bolt hopes its drones will introduce pilots to a whole new flight experience. Consequently, while it may take some practice to get used to FPV flying, there is no doubt that it would be the more exciting prospect.

FPV Drones out of the Box

Bolt Drones FPV comparison

In terms of the future of drone technology, the company is probably right. Virtual reality and drones are probably the hottest tech topics at the moment. The two will continue to see more innovation in the future and a pairing of both has lots of potential.

The carbon fiber drone will feature four rotors on the same number of arms. And Bolt Drones will come ready to fly out of the box. A rigorous and detailed design and manufacturing process is set to be employed to ensure users safety and ease of use. At the moment Bolt drones currently has a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The project’s target of $100, 000 has already been surpassed with over a month still left to run. Bolt Drone’s obvious success shows how much appetite there is for a consumer UAV of the kind.

The campaigns success also points to the rise in prominence and popularity of drone racing. More and more people are taking up the hobby and Bolt Drones aims to make it that bit easier and less costly. Interested in backing this innovative FPV racing drone? -Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Alternatively, you can back the project here!


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