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Nokia OVNI Drones: Smart Search and Rescue Future UAVs

Former mobile phone maker Nokia has been known to be developing its own drones for some time. Now recent reports show that the Finnish company has gone further by registering a name for its UAVs. The news comes after Nokia filed the name “OVNI” in a registration at the EU’s Intellectual Property Office. Leaked details describe Nokia OVNI drones as for use in civilian and military applications. Significantly, OVNI drones will also be classed as a telecommunications device. 

Nokia OVNI Drones: Future Lifesavers

Nokia OVNI Drones

Nokia set out its plans for its future drones earlier this year after showcasing their public safety capabilities at an event in Dubai. Nokia’s initiative is called ‘Nokia Saving Lives’ and is mainly focused on humanitarian efforts. Nokia OVNI Drones will also engineered to provide assistance during search and rescue operations in disaster areas.

Now the company has taken a step further to releasing its drones by trademarking a potential name. The application was recently submitted at the Intellectual Property Office in the European Union. In doing so, the company is signalling that OVNI drones may be ready for production.

The former Telecoms giant envisions connected drones flying in formation during rescue efforts. The company’s research shows this to be a highly effective method in disaster relief efforts and in helping save more lives. In addition, Nokia’s drones have also demonstrated their abilities in surveying large industrial sites. However, given the tech that the company has highlighted for its future drones, most UAV enthusiasts will surely hope that Nokia releases a consumer version.

The possibilities for Nokia OVNI drones don’t end there either, the tech can be used in a wide range of applications. These include the oil and grass industry where inspection of large areas is usually required. This means that Nokia’s drone technology would also be applicable to the farming industry as well, among others.

Nokia OVNI Drones set for Take-Off?

The inference of the reports on the name OVNI being registered is that Nokia’s drones are almost ready for release. In the video above, Nokia OVNI drones can be seen inspecting industrial systems for errors. The UAVs are then also able to report back if they find any issues.

In addition, you can see a screenshot of the company’s registration below, courtesy of Lets go Digital:

Nokia OVNI Drones registration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

As mentioned above, the references are largely industrial and it is unclear if OVNI would also be a consumer drone. The intellectual property application and the teaser video show that Nokia has certainly come far in achieving its UAV goals.

What’s clear is that Nokia OVNI drones are set to become the reference point for future search and rescue drones. Most likely, the same will apply to farming and industrial applications as well. Consequently, if the fallen mobile-coms giant can rise again through its drone project then that would be a heartwarming story.


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