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In Pictures: Rolls Royce Ship Intelligence for Autonomous Ships

Rolls Royce recently revealed its vision to develop AI-powered autonomous ships that would cut costs and carbon emissions while improving security and efficiency. The ships would be the world’s first remote control commercial vessels on the sea. Further to our previous look at the company’s autonomous ships we compiled some of the best  accompanying images released by Rolls Royce. Check out how the aviation and ship engine builder envisions future ships in the pictures below:

All image rights belong to Rolls Royce and the full collection can be seen here.

Rolls Royce Ship Intelligence


At the centre of Rolls Royce’s self-sailing ships will be what the company is calling Ship Intelligence, an AI based system that will navigate each vessel. Ship Intelligence will make use of a combination of sensors and shipping information to improve operating efficiency.

Consequently, the system will reduce the need for manpower thereby increasing cargo space and productivity.


Remote Operating Centre

A concept image of an autonomous ship’s remote operating centre.

Remote Operating Centre

How’s that for a day at the office?!

oX Land-based control centre


oX Land-based control centre

18. Stril Luna Rolls-Royce Unified Bridge

Auto-docking System

Autodocking system

Self-sailing ships will of course be able to park themselves too. Here’s an illustration of a ship’s auto-docking system. Automation will be a boon for commercial shipping companies because of the financial and productivity benefits of computer-driven vessels.

Rolls Royce sees autonomous ships taking to the seas within the next decade and wants to be first to do so.

Remote & autonomous vessels

One of the issues Rolls Royce was looking to address is combating Piracy. It would be nearly impossible to scale and take over a ship such as the concept shown above. On the other hand, future ships will have to contend with another type of piracy; hackers.

Black-hat hackers could look to take over control of autonomous ships remotely, to disastrous, and costly results. Autonomous ship systems will therefore have to have robust cyber security measures in place.

Remote & autonomous vessels

7. Remote controlled ship concepts

The images suggest the ships could be powered by Liquid Natural Gas. The ships also seem to carry what looks like solar panels on the top deck, adding another possible source of clean energy.


46. Remote controlled ship concepts


Remote and autonomous ship

oX Land-based control centre


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