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Check out SpaceX’s Future Spacesuit

SpaceX is the Elon Musk-owned space transport and aerospace equipment manufacturing company that hopes to bring space travel to the masses in the future. Musk, also CEO of electric car maker Tesla, has now released images of the spacesuits that SpaceX will use in future crewed missions.

spacex-space-suit - Copy

The CEO shared a picture of a fully functional suit on Instagram following its development at SpaceX. The spacesuit has been designed to withstand double vacuum pressure. Despite the practical demands of its function, the suit still manages to achieve good aesthetics as well. Most noteworthy is Musk’s assurance that the spacesuit is not a mockup, but a fully functioning suit.

SpaceX Spacesuit

SpaceX is an acronym for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, Musk’s fledgling aerospace venture. The company handles much of its manufacturing and design in-house and the same approach has been applied to its spacesuit. As a result, SpaceX is the only private space company to work alongside NASA and US government space programs. In addition, it has sent supplies and equipment to space stations and even successfully re-landed several of its of its rockets for re-use.

Most recently, SpaceX launched and landed a Falcon 9 rocket for the National Space Organization of Taiwan. The rocket’s latest trip into space was to transport a state of the art Earth-observing satellite for the small Island nation.

Musk’s vision is to make space travel accessible for ordinary people and the spacesuit is designed for the company’s future crewed flights. Check out the spacesuit in the image shared by Musk below:


The Instagram post also promises more images to come, and we’ll update this article as soon as they are available.

In conclusion, the SpaceX spacesuit looks pretty awesome, and we can’t wait until the company’s program comes to fruition. Much like Tesla with electric cars, Musk is once again pioneering future transportation with SpaceX. We wish them much success in their endevour.

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