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Are we Creating a Secure Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT)?

The last few years have seen a lot of development and adoption of Internet of things (IoT)- based products and services. Likewise, the race is on among businesses looking to establish Enterprise Internet of Things solutions. Consequently, 72% of retailers currently engage in EIoT projects but unfortunately many of them are not effective. With that in mind, CUBE have created an infographic that takes you through everything you need to know about EIoT and how it’s being used in retail.

Are we creating a Secure Enterprise Internet of Things

Creating a Secure Enterprise Internet of Things

The benefits of EIoT are clear and shoppers are open to using great mobile in-store shopping tools. Unfortunately there remains security issues that could affect further implementation of EIoT technologies in retail.

There remain key issues with security, privacy, addressing, and computing. The issue with security is that many manufacturers are more determined to push new products. This is instead of focusing on maintaining security updates for products already in the field. Security is often dealt with as an afterthought. As a result, security should really be the first concern addressed during development. This is rather than after the system may already have been exploited.

Customers are also still a little wary of IoT as they are unsure if their personal data is protected or not. In addition,  70% of people see this as a major concern. Regrettably, this is a trait common with most new and emerging technologies.  In addition, an ideal EIoT technology must work to ensure these concerns are addressed. Tech companies must also face some sort of regulation over consumer products. In addition, they must demonstrate that they can be trusted to protect the privacy of you and your customers’ information and data. Find out more in the infographic:

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