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Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept – An All-Electric High-Performance SUV

The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has announced the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept car, an all-electric high performance SUV. The new EV is based on its iconic Mitsubishi Lancer Evo sedan and the 4WD Pajero models. The e-Evolution is a step up as an all-electric cross-country vehicle that will also feature four wheel drive. Mitsubishi’s e-Evolution Concept  is a technical prototype that launches its new “Drive your Ambition” tagline. Under the program, Mitsubishi aims to focus on electrical vehicle production as well as connected mobility for its future cars.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept: The AI-Assisted Electric SUV


In terms of design, the e-Evolution Concept borrows most of its looks from some of the most iconic models in Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) history. That strong heritage includes the aforementioned Lancer and the legendary four-wheel-drive Mitsubishi Pajero. Also part of MMC’s heritage is its industry-leading 4WD systems, which made its off-road models highly coveted cars, even by urban dwellers.

In addition to the nod to its history, the company also sets out its vision for future cars through the e-Evolution. Highlights include a new look Dynamic Shield front-face design that includes a glass covered grill. Adding to that is the e-Evolution’s sharply slanted windshield,- subtle hints Mitsubishi says it has included to show that the car is a high-performance electric vehicle.

Overall, the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept’s design elements, such as the grill, point to the car being an EV. And ultimately Mitsubishi says it has been able to achieve some of these design elements by virtue of the concept being an EV.


Inside, the e-Evolution’s cockpit shows what’s possible when designers are free of the constraints applied by traditional vehicles. First, the instrument panel will appear to float in front of the driver when they are at the controls. Its horizontal styling is designed to make it simpler to asses the vehicles’ state at any given time. In addition to this, the full width of the dashboard is a flat screen that keeps you updated with vital information. That ensure’s a clear view of info such as weather conditions and navigation.

The Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept also features two smaller screens that show what is happening around your front and rear bumpers. Lastly, the car’s all round glass windows are similar to that of a jet fighter and allow for unobstructed 360 degree views.

Packed With Technology


It will come as no surprise that the e-Evolution concept features lots of innovative technologies under the hood too. A battery powered EV system features high performance electric motors that use high torque to deliver the responsive but smooth drive common with EVs. Driving stability is also augmented by the battery being situated in the middle of the vehicle. This creates the low center of gravity required for a smooth ride.

Over the years, one of MMC’s strongest points has been its 4WD vehicles. The Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept looks to continue that tradition with a triple motor 4WD system. Dynamic control systems ensure that the motors drive the front and rear wheels electronically. The system is what creates the company’s famed All Wheel drive technology. All this tech should result in improved traction, cornering performance, and handling on any terrain.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept
credit: Mitsubishi

Last but not least is the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept radical AI system. The vehicle’s artificial intelligence will be its ‘brain’ and the drivers’ co-pilot. Sensors situated around the car will constantly feed information to the AI system. In addition to road and traffic conditions, the AI system will also look to read driver intent. The information collected is then used to gauge driving skills so as to enhance your driving experience.

As a concept car, the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept is indeed a great pointer to what we can expect in future electric vehicles. Best of all, its an SUV, and the fact that Mitsubishi has managed to do so using an electric powered engine is promising. Whether the company will bring the e-Evolution into production is not yet clear. However, the concept is still a clear indication of what MMC thinks will be the future of transportation.

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