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The Jolt E-Bike aims to be a more Affordable Electric Bike for Everyone

Traditionally, E-Bikes have usually only been available at a cost of thousands of dollars a piece. But now the Jolt E-Bike is set to change that with an electric bike that costs just $500.  The Jolt is a folding electric bicycle that boasts a 50 mile range per charge and a more affordable price. There is a caveat though, as these prices are only available to backers of the e-bikes’ Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Jolt E-Bike: The Best Electric Bike in the World?

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The price of bicycles varies widely and depends on the make and model you purchase. Consequently, bikes can range from just over $100 to anything in the thousands for professional racing and mountain bikes. Such a wide price range means there is a bike option to suit every budget. However, the story is rather different when it comes to electric bikes. But Jolt E-Bike creator John Madden is looking to change that.

The inventor has taken to popular crowdfunding site for creators Indiegogo to make his electric bike concept a reality. Madden touts his Jolt e-bike as the best electric bike on the planet and over 600 backers of the project seem to agree.

The campaign has already been oversubscribed by 611% on its way to raising $306,657 USD in total funds raised up to the end of 2017.

Jolt E-Bike specs

Jolt E-Bike Specs

So what can one expect if they part with half a thousand dollars for the Jolt e-bike? Well the Jolt is a folding electric bicycle that comes ready to ride in the box. We’ve seen e-bikes before, such as the Volta Zap Crossover, but the Jolt promises to be a more exciting prospect for urban cyclists. Because of its simple but ingenious folding mechanism, no assembly is required to get going on the Jolt e-bike.

The electric powered bicycle unfolds in just 20 seconds and can achieve a range of 50 miles on a single charge with assistance from the rider’s pedaling. In addition, the electric throttle range still comes in at a whopping 30 miles with no pedaling assistance. The power to cover those distances comes form the built-in LG lithium-ion battery.

In terms of design, the Jolt features a telescopic handlebars that are home to a thumb throttle and LCD computer screen for updates on speed and range. In addition to the thumb throttle for electric mode, the e-bike also features a Shimano 7 gear system.

Consequently, while the Jolt is still in its prototype phase, its clear the e-bike has a lot of support. Unfortunately, the projected retail price away from Indiegogo is set to be $2000. So while the first complete units are expected to start shipping this April its best to make a pledge right now before prices go up.

Hopefully the technology will one day become more affordable in terms of regular pricing and meeting the needs of every budget.

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