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Future cars -ROBORACE concept car

Traditional car makers have always introduced new developments to their vehicles. In the past this used to be at a pace that was dictated by commercial reasoning. However, the future of the transportation industry has now been disrupted by various technology start-ups that have upped the pace of innovation.

As a result, these traditional auto makers have been forced to bring through their concepts at a faster pace in order to keep up with trends. As with any other industry facing disruption from technological advances, the future of cars is now evolving at breakneck speed. Future cars and the technology that makes it all possible will be covered in these pages.

Future Cars and Transportation

Whether we will be moving around in future flying cars, or simpler autonomous vehicles is unknown. But future cars will still be of interest to most.  Future cars 2050 will provide would be interesting to us living 20 odd years before that, for example. Their design, function, and uses will also be determined by the future cities we will live in.

Current examples of future cars include a self-driving car being developed by¬†Google, or Tesla’s range of electric vehicles that are already on the road.

These developments in the automotive industries have been fuelled by the depletion of raw materials such as oil. On the other hand, congestion in city centres has meant that a smarter way of commuting will be required in the coming years. In addition, combustion engines cause a lot of greenhouse emissions that harm the environment.

This is the focus that most future cars are trying to address. Electric power is the first hurdle, and now car makers are also adding self driving abilities to that. The capabilities of future cars will soon go beyond what we know so far and Future Tech Magazine will provide you with expert analysis, articles, videos, and features on cars of the future.