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In recent years, the technology industry has led the way when it comes to innovation and important breakthroughs. Because of this, future technology devices, gadgets, and ideas are now some of the most watched and talked about subjects on the net.

Part of this rise in interest has come about as a result of the technology and gadgets we already own and the many amazing and wonderful possibilities they offer. Future technology predictions show that the future we will live in is going to be a connected ecosystem that continually learns and evolves.

Future home technology and future robots will probably carry out most tasks for us, as will those based in manufacturing and commerce.

This so-called Internet of Things, or IOT, means basic hardware that is always connected to the internet. Through this connection, devices, appliances and utilities can be updated, secured and controlled.

Such connected technology will continually evolve and learn as the software and machines know more about our habits, preferences, and lifestyle.

In the near future everything we own will be connected to the internet and perhaps be able to operated autonomously. The list ranges from voice activated devices that order our groceries, cars that drive themselves, or drones that deliver our shopping.

These future tech technology raises questions about privacy. For those living in the future, basic knowledge of how to safeguard information will be crucial to know!

This magazine is focused on delivering in depth articles and features that will entertain and inform our readers. We are here to provide well researched and written content that keeps you updated on the future trends in technology.

Future technology ideas are what drive us and future technological advances will also be covered in detail.

From future tech gadgets and appliances in the home, to robot assistance and autonomous vehicles, you will be able to find complete coverage of tech’s future on these pages.

Tech is evolving at a faster pace than ever before and this has led to a lot of disruption in many niches and industries. This in turn places a lot importance of the future of technology and how we will live alongside it.

Future technology gadgets have captured the public’s imagination as pocket-sized and hand-held devices bring the whole world to our fingertips. Future technological advances will benefit many aspects of human life.

From future car technology to future medical technology, you can rely on future tech magazine to keep you up-to-date with the future technology news that matters.

Future Technology Trends:

The following are some of the future technology trends that may prove to be huge in the history of mankind. While some of these future technologies are just concepts or works in progress, each one of them has the potential to drastically impact our future lifestyles.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality has come in leaps and bounds recently as more tech companies pursue products and content for the format. Available products include the Samsung Galaxy VR headset, the simple but effective Google Cardbord, and Upcoming virtual reality products include Sony’s PlayStation VR, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, and many others.

Augmented Reality

Wearable Technology

A technology niche that grew exponentially in 2015. Wearable technology will soon apply to virtually every piece of clothing we wear. Sensors and trackers will gather information about nutrition, health, activity and much more, helping us lead healthier lives. Popular wearable technology companies include FitBit, makers of the FitBit Surge and FitBit Charge fitness trackers. Many more have enterd the market as the technology becomes more affordable, smaller, and smarter.

Future Home Technology
3D Printing
Robots and Robotics
Autonomous Vehicles
Drone Technology
Holographic Technology